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    Salmon River Updates-

    I'm from Idaho Falls and now I'm living in Utah so I don't have a finger on the pulse of the steelhead action. Let's get this Idaho forum cranked up, huh!!! I've been steelheading for 12 years now and have spent a significant amount of time at it. The thing is, I get the fever in September and start chomping at the bit. I have been going the same day, every year for the past 10 years. (Nov. 1) This year will be 11 days.
    I'd love to hear about current fishing reports. And share my experiences.
    p.s.- If you haven't tried a 3 inch lunker city Hellgie with a pinkie nail sized corky, tread one on with Mikes shrimp scent slathered on and be prepared to yell the sacred words
    "FISH ON!!!"

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    My wife, a buddy, and I were up on the Salmon last weekend. We floated from Tower Rock to Red Rock boat ramps. The water temp. was around 45 deg. and clear. We wound up hooking up 7 times, getting 4 of them to the net. Pink worm, yarn balls, and copper Little Cleos pretty much watever we could get in front of their face. Hope the weather holds, we would like to get up there again.

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    One of my buddies and I went fishing yesterday on the Salmon river, we floated from Salmon bridge to Carmen. The water temp. is only about 35 deg. so the fish aren't really moving much right now. We went 4 for 6, even though the air temp. was only about 36 deg. and windy. The forecast is for warmer temps. in the up coming week so the fishing should only get better. Tight lines!

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    Fishing continues to be slow, water temps. around 33-38 deg. The water is clearing, caught one today 27" hen. Should warm up this week, maybe things will pick up around Challis

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    I talked to Jim Dodge this morning he says the water is high on the Northfork, muddy on the Clearwater, no fishermen ,no reports on any fish being caught, with almost 5000 fish coming over the lower granite dam I'm hopping the fish will arrive before the season ends.

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    The shore ice is gone from Ellis to the town of Salmon, river temp. was around 36deg. Fishing is slow but should pick up as the weather starts to warm up.

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    I caught my 3-fish limit by 10 am on 2/26 and 2/27 last week at Riggins using jigs under bobbers. This week, the Little Salmon has blown out and is spewing mud into the Main Salmon. But above the confluence of the Little and Main Salmon is still good water and people are catching steelies on beads below bobbers. I hope to get back down there next week when the water clears up and lowers a little.

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    Thanks for that. I don't go fishing as much as used to back in the day. I do try to find the time but I am just too busy unfortunately. I am an event manager and even though it is all automated and I do use both an event planning software and a floor plan software I just work too much now.
    I will send my report once I find the time tho. Cheers

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