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    Hartford, MI., 20 minutes to Lake Michigan

    South Haven, MI. 9-3-’15, AM

    Made another solo run out of Lakerville at 0530hrs. A little bumpier than I was hoping for but it was worth it. Dropped in at 65fow headed West. DR w/ DW Green dolphin down 55’, 200x45 cu. w/Green Tiger J-Plug, and 250x30 cu. w/ Mag. Stinger NBK. After 2 fruitless releases on the DR, finally sunk the barb on a 6.25# King. Even before I reached for the net, the 200x45 cu starts screaming, a double, in the dark and solo. I tighten the drag on the board line and netted and boxed the 1st fish. Went back to the board line and “CRAP”, the counter is reading a little over 600ft and it is a nice fish. The King makes another run and I hear the other board go off. I’m think crossed lines so I snug down the 3rd line and fight my second fish. I net the 2nd King and I can see that I ain’t tangled, I got a 3rd fish on. I cut the hook and leader off the J-Plug and boxed the fish and went to fight the 3rd King. Didn’t even want to look at the counter. This was the biggest of the three but she still came to the net. All these fish hit between 0630-07300 in 65-75fow. Re-set the rods, trolled out to 110fow and back in, never had another rip nor did I mark a single fish. Pulled lines at 0900hr, way to bumpy for me and a long chug back to port. Weights on the fish in order, 6.25#, 12.3# and 14# and the 2 bigger ones were HENS, more gold in the freezer.
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