South Haven, Friday nite. 8-23-'13

We cleared the Black River around 1600hrs and headed N/W into the wind and WAVES, so much for NOAA's 1ft or less.
Trolled to 135 with only one "tickle" on a DR with a Mountain Dew Spin Doctor and grn/glo squid. During the turn the same rig tickled again, still no fish. While trolling to 90fow a 200 x 32# board made a short rip but nothing. Turned at 90 and went out to 135 and turned for home. Watched a great sunset, wish I had my camera again. At 100fow a DR got "CRUSHED"!!!! I pulled the rod and handed it to our gimp-legged guest. Fish started 15ft behind to boat but after his first run he was over 300ft back. I raced to pull the wire divers to open up the back of the boat for netting while Wade tried to gain line on his fish. Got him back to about 150ft out and a 200'x45# copper fires, our first true Double, and he made a good run. Wade was close so I put mine in a rodholder and got ready to net Wades. Wasn't as big as I thought but still weighted 17.8#. Cleared the deck and grabbed my rod. Thought I had lost him but after clearing alot of slack, he made another run. 15.4# ain't bad, both in the box. Then Neil bags an 8# king and the 250x45 copper on the other side. All most a triple. While pulling lines for the night had a little King grab the 200x32# copper. This all happened in a 1/2 hr period and in the dark. Lures that worked, Mountain Dew Spin Doctor and grn/glo squid, mag. Dr Death, Diamond King watermelon and a grn/orange crush. Nothing on the meat rigs or big paddles with flies. Our spread was 4-copper lines with spoons on boards, 2 wire divers with SpinDoctors, one meat, one squid, and 2 downriggers with flasher/meat and a flasher/squid.
All 4 Kings were hens so we got some eggs to do some river fishing later on. They weren't the biggest fish in the world but they did get that darn black and white striped kitty out of the boat..

I hate cell phone pictures.