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    How much timber harvest is too much?

    There's a great deal of science out there on this. The credible stuff doesn't think Oregon's private forest practices are adequate enough for fish. There's a U.S. House bill that, if adopted, would turn 50% of Oregon's O&C land into pretty much industrial tree farms. Wild Salmon Center, Pacific Rivers Council and American Rivers have done some good work opposing this. I've been pleasantly surprised by how much the environmental community is willing to concede in terms of increased timber harvest, but it's not enough for those who want to cut a whole lot more, which threatens to derail the progress. Sen. Wyden is in the process of writing his own proposal for Oregon's O&C lands, and it remains to be seen what that will look like. We are very concerned about increased harvest where salmon and steelhead are ESA-listed, especially where temperatures are already too hot. Going from federal forest practices to Oregon's private forest practices on riparian buffers is completely out of the question, and we will do all we can to stop that. More timber DOES need to be cut on Oregon's O&C lands, but that's not the total answer. Private timber companies should mill in Oregon. Alternative energy should be developed on public land. There's another measure "the Public Lands Renewable Energy Development Act" that is a good step in that direction.

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