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    go lamiglas
    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Amato View Post

    Dear Members,

    We are going to be giving away one Lamiglas rod to two different winners (one rod each). One is a steelhead rod and the other a salmon rod. I will let you know which models we are giving away and post a picture next week. Lamiglas is shipping the rods to me right now. There is no purchase necessary, but you must be a member (it's free) of and reply to this post. I will start a subject and everyone can chime in on it. Everyone who responds to this thread will be entered into the drawing!

    The drawing for 2 lucky winners will be held on September 30th, 2013.

    Good Luck

    And here they are, just arrived in the mail. Still in their plastic bags.


    We have one:

    Lamiglas XCC 965 GH 9'6' 15-40lb Fast Action Salmon Rod

    And one:

    Lamiglas EXS 910 9'10" 8-12lb Med-Fast Action Steelhead Spinning Rod

    They are real beauties

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    go lamiglas fishing with two poles wish i had two but how would i hold the net

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    Tonight at midnight I am going to be closing the contest and I will draw the two winners names tomorrow morning. So any posts after that will unfortunately not be included in the drawing. There are still 14 hours to go...

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    Here in CA we can pay extra to fish two rods. I paid the extra the past two years, but have yet to fish two rods at once, so I might reconsider next year. But there are times I can see it would be advantageous and other times it would be a hindrance. Nice rods here in the give away...thanks for the opportunity.

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    the drawing is today

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    O.K. I'm in.

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    If I reply twice do I get two entries?

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    After nearly 450 entries and 10,000 views. We have two winners!

    Dan - Wins the Spinning rod

    northbernie - Wins the casting rod

    I will personal-message (PM) the two of you and if I do not hear from you by Monday (Oct.-7) I will do another drawing...



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    Thank you Tony it was a pleasure talking to you

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    Hi Dan,
    It was nice talking with you as well. I must also sadly inform everyone that I was contacted earlier by "northbernie" so the contest is officially over. I will however be starting a new contest very soon.
    Tony Amato

    P:S: northbernie, I didn't ship yours today, but I promise it will go out with Dan's tomorrow

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    no worries

    Tony, thanks for the update!

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